Whose Lenton Is It?

18th December 2011

Students, the Students

We went to the heart of Lenton in the Rose and Crown Pub to find out more about changes being made here which affect students.

Directions from Nottingham City council which will impact on student parking and housing has led to some students feeling isolated in their own community.

First of all, what are the changes that we can expect to parking permits?

To discuss this further we were joined by Rosie Tressler, the Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer from Nottingham University’s Students’ Union, and Jamie McMahon from Nottingham City Council.

Jamie and Rosie This is what councillor Urquhart, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation, said about the issue of parking permits.

We asked Rosie what she thought about Councillor Urquhart’s comments.

Landlord Shaad and Jamie
The next issue we debated was Article 4, but what is it?

Lenton landlord Shaad Ali and Jamie from the council discussed why these measures have been brought in now and the implications of them.

Finally, what about the Lenton community itself? Robin spoke to Fiona Corbett, Manager at the Dunkirk and Lenton Partnership Forum, about positive community projects that both students and residents are involved in.

What do you think about the changes the council have implemented? Do you want to see more of the positive action that Fiona Corbett discusses? And is it a problem that Lenton has become a student bubble? Leave YOUR comments below.