Science? Videos? Explosions? Sold. – Brady Haran – 16/01/12

16th January 2012

After a long Christmas break, the URN Science Show spoke to Brady Haran about his outreach work with The University of Nottingham.

This show inspired Brady to put together a new video which we are rather excited about!

We made our own video this week… *fanfare please* … “THE JELLY BABY EXPERIMENT OF DOOOOOM”.


And here’s some photos of the experiment in action!

Setting up the Screaming Jelly Baby Experiment
The Jelly Baby meets its end
Thanks to Neil and Sam from the Chemistry Department!

To watch Brady’s version, click here.

With over 20 million views altogether, Brady films and edits the Sixty Symbols series, as well as the Periodic Videos, the Deep Sky Series and Numberphile. These are videos which educate and inform about particular areas of science. They also feature a lot of the guests we have had on this show, such as Prof. Phil Moriarty, Prof. Roger Bowley and Dr. Tony Padilla. They also feature future guests of this show such as Prof. Martyn Poliakoff (5th March. Some crafty forward-selling there). To watch (some of) the videos, follow the links below:

And here are some screenshots of our favourite moments:

Potassium in Water

Above is what happens when you put potassium in water… And below is one of our future guests, Martyn Poliakoff, talking about the elements.

Martyn Poliakoff