Nottingham Sky Watch LIVE – 30/01/12

29th January 2012

Jupiter and its MoonsMonday the 30th January is a first for The Science Show and for URN. We are doing a live observation night, from the roof of the physics building at the University of Nottingham.

We’ll be looking at Jupiter’s moons with our resident expert, Markus Hammonds, to discuss the possibility of life in our Solar System. We’ll also be looking out for the Orion nebula, where stars are forming from the dust that resides there.

Orion Nebula
As well as all this live coverage, we’ll also be in the studio answering any astronomy questions you may have, and explaining the astrophysics behind what we are looking at.

Keep up with the blog, as we’ll be posting pictures here as we take them with the telescope!

Here’s hoping there’s no cloud…

Dave is looking cold...

It’s a bit chilly up here in the telescope, but we’re having fun!

Celestron Astromaster 130EQ

Ever thought about doing some of your own amateur astronomy? Amazon has everything you could need! (Apart from the lack of clouds of course..)

The better kit of course costs quite a bit more, The Hubble Space Telescope cost over $2.5 billion to construct… Not for your average observer then..

If you’re interested in when satellites are near you, check out Twisst, they’ll Tweet you when the International Space Station is near you.

The moon as seen from the observatory

WE CAN SEE THE MOON! Ok, so it’s not the best picture in the world, but the clouds moved over the moon before Carl our resident telescope expert could adjust the settings… However he did do a little jig..

Markus and Stu