Top of the Peeps – 30/1/2012

1st February 2012

Here to complement our regular feature Top of the Peeps were we highlight three tracks that are of interest that week.

1st Track: A New Town Artist: Field Music
Album: Plumb (out 13th February)
Gig: Bodega 22nd February

This band first came to my attention when they supported The Futureheads in around 2005/2006 when The Futureheads still seemed to be releasing hit songs. Field Music in fact has a member “Peter Brewis” who used to play as a drummer in the Futureheads. Field music though seems much more reserved than their fellow north eastern pals. With a catchy bass and some witty lyrics this song off of their upcoming album “Plumb” may be played much more over the coming months.

2nd Track: Comeback Kid Artist: Sleigh Bells
Album: Reign of Terror (out 21st February)
Gig: Various places in UK end of February till start of March

A band described as Noise pop may not appeal to most music fans but this song really belts out of the speakers. I would recommend this band if you like such acts as The Kills and Be Your Own Pet. As they provide catchy lyrics with some get up and go style backings, which really show off the bands ability.

This song is a single from their second album of which the first has been critically acclaimed. Many of the tracks from the first album have gone on to feature in TV stalwarts such as Gossip Girl and Skins, where will the new tracks end up? who knows. But they will probably get people amped for the day ahead I’m sure.

3rd Track: Warm & Easy Artist: 2 Bears
Album: Be Strong (Out Now)
Gig: Paris, Dublin and Brighton in next month

Dance duo which sound a lot like Hot Chip. This is not surprising considering they contain Hot Chip star Joe Goddard. I have since realised that the lyrics for this song do not really go well with the winter climate at the moment but I suppose they can transport you to the summer time.

Their new album definitely provides an excellent substitute to a new Hot Chip album.

Bye and listen in next week 10-12 on a Monday for three more songs that have taken my interest, opinions are welcome.