What is The Big Ask?

8th February 2012

Do you know What The Big Ask is? Do you even care?

Today, the Students’ Union is launching The Big Ask campaign – a series of referenda on the way the Students’ Union is run and the ways in which decisions within the union are made.

Campaigning starts today for the four questions:

  • Should the Students’ Union adopt the new proposal for the Executive Structure?
  • Should the Students’ Union adopt the proposed decision making structure?
  • Should the Students’ Union enable students to be members of the Board of Trustees?
  • Should the Students’ Union enable the possibility of serving sabbatical officers to run to be elected for a second term?

We want your opinions on the issues and to know whether you actually care? Comment below with all your opinions and any questions you want us to ask the candidates.

Do you understand how this will affect you? You can hear from all the campaigns and will be posing your questions at 5pm today on The Pulse.