Top of the Peeps- 13/02/2012

13th February 2012

Here to complement our regular feature Top of the Peeps
Track 1: Growing Ur hair outSun Sister
Artist: Sun Sisters
Album: Rich American White Kidz
A band with catchy songs is always a good thing. This band definetly have catchy songs, they mix the lyrics with a lo-fi backing track to provide a funky pop song.
Sun Sisters originate from Freiburg, Massachusetts and you can download there new EP Rich American White Kidz now if you want to enjoy some more of their dream pop here.

Track 2: I Can’t Stay
Artist: Ben BrowningBen Browning
Album: Lover Motion (Out March 19th)
The bassist from one of my favourite electro/pop bands Cut Copy, brings more cheery 80s style pop to the music scene. There is again an obvious Australian feel to this song, as it seems like it was made in a never ending summer. I look forward to listening to more from Ben Browning but do hope this solo project does not mean the end of Cut Copy.
Listen to the track on spotify.

Track 3: SeptemberThe Shins
Artist: The Shins
Album: B side to Simple Song off their new album Port Of Morrow (Out March 20th)
Gig: London HMV Forum 22nd/23rd March
A favourite from the past, the arrival of a new The Shins album always gets me excited. This song carries on with the relaxing indie pop that everyone has come to expect ever since they became a sensation after appearing in Garden State. In fact this song seems to go by so graciously you nearly forget to listen to the beautiful lyrics.
Watch the video for “September”

Bye and listen in next week 10-12 on a Monday for three more songs that have taken my interest, opinions are welcome.Peeps x