Lilian Greenwood MP Interview February 2012

17th February 2012

This was the first part of the Big Picture’s interview with the Labour MP for Nottingham South, Lilian Greenwood. In a wide ranging discussion, we began by asking her about the Labour Party’s acceptance that it cannot reverse all government cuts and the UK economy in general.

We moved on to ask her what a future Labour government would do about the rise in tuition fees given that so far less people have applied for university this year.

We asked her why she supported Nottingham City Council’s passage of Article 4 on student housing and the wider issue of students living in the different communities of Nottingham.

With youth unemployment now over 1 million, we asked what she was doing to get people back into work in the Nottingham area.

With experience as a trade unionist, we asked whether or not public sector workers were right to go on strike over their pensions and the possibility of further strike action in the future.

Bankers bonuses has remained a sensitive topic amongst politicians and the wider public, we asked whether she felt it was right that Fred Goodwin had his knighthood stripped of him and the bigger issue of regulating British banks.

We finished off the interview by asking what being an MP was like.

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