Top of the Peeps- 05/03/2012

5th March 2012

Here to complement our regular feature Top of the Peeps.
Track 1: Live Your LifeYuna
Artist: Yuna
Album: Yuna
A new up and coming artist from Malaysia with a soft and soothing voice. I found myself very relaxed after listening to this song and I’m sure her self titled new album will provide more chilled grooves. This particular song is produced by Pharrell and he provides an edge to the song which makes it stand out in the crowd. Watch the video here.

Track 2: Happy Pills
Artist: Norah JonesNorah Jones
Album: Little Broken Hearts (Out May 1st)
Norah Jones one of the most famous folk singers tries to differentiate herself from the crowd in a similar way to Yuna, by recruiting Danger Mouse a producer who is better known for his work in hip-hop than anything else . This uplifting song really suits the spring weather which is upon us.
Listen to the track “Happy Pills”here.

Track 3: Marathon Runner
Artist: Yellow Ostrich
Album: Strange Land (Out March 6th)Yellow Ostrich
With jangling guitars throughout, this songs reminds me that there is still great indie music being made, even if it is getting harder to find. The catchy main verse really makes this song into something I will keep on my playlists for months to come. I will look forward to there new album and hope they make a trip over to the UK soon, as they sound like they could be an amazing band to see live!

Listen to the track “Marathon Runner” here .

Bye and listen in next week 10-12 on a Monday for three more songs that have taken my interest, opinions are welcome.Peeps x