Taryn Belcher-Brown drops out of AU Officer race

7th March 2012

“Solidarity through Sport” was her campaign slogan – and Taryn Belcher-Brown yesterday showed her solidarity and commitment to our netball team when she pulled out of the race for Athletics Union Officer in the 2012 SU Elections.

Speaking to Taryn, she explained how she “underestimated the commitment of a campaign”, an issue which is seen every year by potential candidates and that the SU have tried to combat this year by reducing the campaign period from 14 to 9 days.

As Club Captain of Netball, Taryn says “I just wasn’t prepared to sacrifice training in matches”, this is with the Netball Cup Final coming up, as well as further upcoming title clashes and of course Varsity training for the match against Nottingham Trent University on March 21st. Another issue was Sutton Bonington Candidate Question Time, which coincided with the Netball 1st Team’s match in Birmingham, as well as the Campaign Launch clashing with the 3rd Team’s Semi Final – and as Club Captain Taryn said that she put supporting her team before running in the SU Elections.

Taryn told us how she was confident that she could have made a great AU officer, and that this was a difficult decision to make – but campaigning was just too long, and she couldn’t make that sacrifice.

“My heart is in Netball, I can’t let the team down. I would rather that team be successful than for me to be successful as AU Officer”, she said – ending, “hopefully my club will appreciate my sacrifice”.

URN will be speaking to the other AU Candidates about their policies next Tuesday on The Pulse at 5pm, and getting to know the candidates a little better just after that, on The Election Show, at 6.