Nick Redfern pulls out as Sian Green runs unopposed

9th March 2012

SU Elections voting kicked off just less than an hour ago, and Nick Redfern has just announced he is pulling out of the Accommodation & Community Officer race this morning – leaving Sian Green running unopposed for the position. This was announced on his Facebook page today, and in a statement to URN, Nick said:

“I have decided to resign for several reasons: I feel I have not been able to give enough time to the election, due to my course and other commitments. Also, I had reservations about taking a year out in the middle of my degree. Finally I believe that Sian will make an excellent Accommodation & Community officer, and I wish her the best of luck, along with all the candidates in the other elections.”

URN will be talking to Nick this evening on The Pulse – tune in at 5 for all the latest SU election news.