Top of The Peeps-14/03/2012

14th March 2012

Here to complement our regular feature Top of the Peeps.
Track 1: A New Name to Go By
Artist: Deportees feat Lykke LiLykke Li
Album: Islands and Shores
A track of real beauty and one which transports you to a calmer place. It features vocals from Lykke Li whos stunning voice seems to portray both sadness and great optimism at the same time (I don’t understand how!).
I will definetly listen to the rest of the Deportees album Islands and Shores and hopefully find more swedish jems within it.
Listen to the track “A New Name to Go By” here.

Track 2: What Comes After
Artist: The HoneydogsThe Honeydogs
Album: What Comes After (Out Now)
As a final year student the main lyrics of the track”It ain’t about what we know, it’s all about what comes after” are particually poingant. I’m sure there is a religious meaning to the lyric but I like to think of it as a realisation of the end of studying and then moving into the real world of jobs etc. I think the ability to manipulate lyrics into your own personal situation is a sign of good lyrics and thats why I like “The Honeydogs”. They also use a trumpet!

Track 3: Myth
Artist: Beach House
Album: Bloom (Out May 14th)Beach House
A track which continues the summerry feel you’d come to expect from the previous Beach House offerings but now with even more intricate and delightful guitar riffs . The steady pace of the track may put people off in this world of three minute hits and Skrillex. If you have the time though to sit back, relax and listen to this track you might find something much more rewarding.

Listen to Beach House and The Honeydogs

Bye and listen in next week 10-12 on a Monday for three more songs that have taken my interest, opinions are welcome.Peeps x