Lacrosse 2012: Late Uni drive crashes the Trent premature party

26th March 2012

Men’s Lacrosse entered the varsity frame with a pulsating match, with 27 goals, some hard hitting crunches and an enthralling late comeback.

Those who were sceptical about the sport’s credentials to be involved in the charity varsity series were left with egg on their faces, as both Uni’s played what was said to be “the best lacrosse match ever played” by the Uni coach.

The match began with Trent taking a three point lead early in the first 5 minutes due their quick offensive passing. Many in the crowd were learning the trade of Lacrosse as the match was taking place, but were quickly impressed with the swift interplay between the Trent front 3.

Uni managed to claw 2 back more points but sloppy defensive play late in the 1st and early in the 2nd quarter’s saw them fall further behind 7-3.

Another surging comeback from Uni, a common theme throughout the match, meant they only held a 2 point deficit going into half time, losing 8-6.

Uni after the break seemed to have learnt their lesson, levelling the game 8-8 with one stunning break on the counter and a speculative 20 yard strike.

The game in the third quarter went back and forth, with Trent taking the lead and Uni levelling. Trent finished the quarter the stronger nonetheless, leading 10-9 by the final interval. At the end of the quarter both teams seemed very tired, reaching for the closest bottle of water they can grasp.

Two goals for Trent in quick succession immediately after the break saw the scores at 12-9 and Uni seemingly out of it. But this wasn’t to be.

As the in-experienced Trent team faltered, Uni grew in strength and stature. Albeit their 3 goal deficit, the midfielder’s were first to every lose ball and showed their physicality by holding off many Trent tackles. Uni scored two goals to make it 12-11 but once again Trent showed their talent upfront, stringing together another counter attack to score their 13th point. With the deficit at two points with three minutes left, the Trent fans were already celebrating a victory.

However Uni were not down and out. Importantly, with only 3 minutes left on the clock, Uni immediately responded with two quick goals from the face off to level in the last minute. They also gained a man advantage when a Trent defender was sin binned for slashing.

As the crowd were thinking about penalties, Uni capitalised the possession turn over from the sin-bin. Man of the Match Uni star ‘Mackem’ found space within the Trent defensive zone too drill a stunning strike past the keeper with literally the last strike on goal.

After the match, Uni 1st team captain claimed that their “experience was the key” against this determined Trent side.
The Uni coach praised the Trent team, stating “Uni were not in it for the first two quarters” but dismissing any sign of complacency from his side.

The sport is known to be the fastest and most entertaining sport to be played, and with matches such as this one, I bet very few will disagree.