The Friday Film Club – where to begin?

10th May 2012

I’ve known for a while now that I’m different. Not like the rest of the population. Strange. Excluded. Living on the very edges of society. And why is that I hear you ask?

Well, because I haven’t seen many films.

I came to this realisation live on-air way back in February and have been living with my condition ever since. You can hear me and Emma unearthing just how many ‘classics’ I haven’t seen:

So starting this week I’m going to be getting treatment for my cultural deprivation. I’m going to be watching 1 classic film, every week between now and the end of term. It’s a bold move I know. And seeing as the show’s all about getting you involved, I thought we might as well enjoy this ‘rehab’ process together. So every Friday on the show I’ll be hosting the Friday Film Club, a chance for us (soon to be) film buffs to discuss a different film each week.

Listen in tomorrow to help me pick the first film and follow my journey of motion picture discovery each week between now and the end of term.

p.s. If you’re already a massive film fan, listen to The Film Show every Friday from 6pm. Those guys actually know what they’re talking about.