The 50 BEST Nostalgic Songs in the World EVER!

20th May 2012

So, I’ve been a member of URN for approximately 5-6 years now. (No, I’m not failing at university, I’m doing a PhD…) and I have 5 shows left. Including today’s.

So, in order to go out with a BANG, and keeping in line with the usual songs I play, I thought I would do a countdown to the the BEST nostalgic song OF ALL TIME!

I want you to help me come up with the top 50 songs, as I thought it would be a bit selfish to make it myself. Therefore, if you follow the link below and choose your favourite songs, that would be AMAZING.

From Backstreet Boys to System of a Down, Razorlight to Supergrass, Pendulum to Rick Astley, you can choose.

It’s all in the name of all that is good (and occassionally cheesy!) in music…