The Truth About Taxis

19th June 2012

Over the past term we’ve been investigating the problems students face when dealing with Taxi companies in Nottingham. On Tuesday 19th June we broadcast a special edition of The Pulse called The Truth About Taxis, looking at these issues. It includes interviews with cabbies, the SU and the city council, your opinions and the results of a survey that we have been running this term.

We asked taxis outside Ocean to take us back to Lenton on the meter. Listen to find out how many of them would stick to the rules.

Whether you’ve felt ripped off by a cab firm, had a bad experience on a night out or want to know what taxi drivers really think about students, look no further. You can listen back to our investigation below.

Do students get a raw deal? Are taxi drivers doing anything wrong? Let us know what you think, or share a taxi story in the comments below.

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