Freshers’ Fayre Evacuated amidst safety fears

25th September 2012

After torrential rain and winds yesterday, day two of Freshers’ Fayre has been called off early due to the Marquee being evacuated due to concerns over it’s integrity and safety. The announcement came today, just after 11 – this comes after a day yesterday of leaks and water collecting on the roof.

Hundred of freshers, societies and clubs had to leave the tent – there is some concern from these clubs and societies who use Freshers’ Fayre to recruit members for the year, as well as for their equipment and personal belongings which are stuck inside the Fayre. There is also concern from commercial stall holders who will be expecting a refund for today, and the financial impact on the SU of this could be huge.

Natalie Martin, Communications Manager for the SU released the following statement: “Unfortunately high winds have caused safety concerns and a joint decision has been made by the Students’ Union and the University to close. We sincerely apologise to everybody – Freshers’ Fair will reopen at 10am tomorrow and we hope to see you to there.”

Day 2 of Week One has been pretty eventful as Freshers’ Fayre was evacuated just after 11 o’clock this morning. After being open for just one hour, students flooded out as the tent was deemed structurally unsound due to the extreme weather of the past few days.

We spoke to students outside the fayre to see what their initial reactions were.

The students’ union has responded to events by acknowledging the importance of the fayre to societies and clubs but saying that ‘the safety of all attendees overrides any other factor.’

We spoke to Michelle the student union’s Activities Officer and Sian your Accommodation Officer at the scene to see what they had to say.

Students weren’t the only ones who were disappointed by the day’s events. The fayre holds upwards of 60 commercial stallholders who all had to pay to promote their services.

The students’ union has confirmed that the fayre will be open again tomorrow at 10 am.

Update: Wednesday Morning

Following Tuesday’s freshers tent evacuation The student’s Union have released this statement regarding whether to reopen freshers fayre for an extra day on thursday.

‘Following the closure of Freshers’ Fair on Tuesday, the Union has looked at the possibility of extending the event into a further day. After consultation with all those on whom this would impact, we have decided not to add an additional day.

New students interested in joining clubs and societies will be able to do so at specially enabled pay points in the Societies and Sports office in Portland Building, as well as online through the SU Website. In addition, staff and elected officers will be working hard to support all SU groups to maximise their signups over the coming weeks.’

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