Freshers’ Fayre will NOT open for extra day on Thursday.

26th September 2012

Following Tuesday’s freshers tent evacuation The student’s Union have released this statement regarding whether to reopen freshers fayre for an extra day on thursday.

‘Following the closure of Freshers’ Fair on Tuesday, the Union has looked at the possibility of extending the event into a further day. After consultation with all those on whom this would impact, we have decided not to add an additional day.

New students interested in joining clubs and societies will be able to do so at specially enabled pay points in the Societies and Sports office in Portland Building, as well as online through the SU Website. In addition, staff and elected officers will be working hard to support all SU groups to maximise their signups over the coming weeks.’

Are you affected by this? Let us know if your society is missing out by tweeting us on @URNPulse or comment below.