Student housing affected by Nottingham city council’s plans.

16th October 2012

Lenton housing a hub for students

This weekend Nottingham City Council relased it’s housing plans for the next three year. The plan includes many aspects that will affect stuents such as tightening rules on landlords and building more purpose built accomodation to encourage students to live away from private homes.

Because the plan influences students living in Notiingham the Student’s union here wrote a letter of response to the council. Sian Green is The Accomodation and Community officer on the SU and told us what she disagrees with:

Part of the plan states “We need to help shape neighbourhoods to be places that people identify with, are committed to, have a sense of ownership about” so the council want to encourage students to stay in Nottingham after graduation and to do this they need to feel part of the community. The biggest number of students live in Lenton and an organization who attempt to bring the community together is The Dunkirk and Lenton Partnership Forum.

Annabel Dalby is a student at The University of Nottingham who volunteers at the Forum and told us about what they do:

Following this report, we also spoke to Sian about her plans for helping students find the housing they want this year:

You can read the council’s plans and Sian’s full response here:

To learn more about the Dunkirk and Lenton Forum check out their facebook page: