Big Picture 24-10-12

27th October 2012

In this week’s edition of the Big Picture, Michael Gaffney, David Hayes, Sebastian Bench, Robert Smith and Louis Cotgrove discussed the repercussions of Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell’s resignation, the ongoing civil war in Syria, and the upcoming Nottinghamshire Police Commissioner Elections.

Beginning with Andrew Mitchell and Plebgate, the panel debated whether losing its Chief Whip would weaken the Coalition Government’s ability to execute its policy plans. They also considered the return of class politics, and whether or not David Cameron and his inner circle are considered to be out of touch by the public.

In the wake of Mitt Romney’s remarks during the US Presidential Debates, the panel discussed whether a Republican White House would be more likely than the Obama administration to intervene in the ongoing violence in Syria. Further to this, they analysed the potential for the conflict to spread beyond Syria’s borders to Turkey and Iraq.

And in the final section, the panel debated the relative merits of the candidates in November’s Nottinghamshire Police Commissioner Elections, in the wake of the candidates’ debate held at Nottingham University last week. The panel also cast a sceptical eye over whether the new position of Police Commissioner would actually have a meaningful impact on the quality of policing.

Thanks to all those who listened and texted in.