Thursday Sports Show 27/10/2012

27th October 2012

In this edition of the Thursday Sports show, we have local headlines from Forest, County and the panthers, as well as an interview with AU Tennis club Committee member Rob. The sporting talk then turns National, with debate about Cycling, Formula 1 and Football.

In this segment, Rob Schofield from the Tennis club is interviewed and then quizzed against our very own Chris Brown, let’s see how they do…

After two Olympic athletes lose their medals in a London bar, the team say their most prized sporting possession.

With the F1 season reaching its peak, we discuss relations between Red Bull drivers Vettel and Webber, as well as other conflicts within the same sporting teams. The full out from the Lance Armstrong revelations is still strong in the press and with more governing bodies resigning, the team discusses how this has impacted Cycling as a sport.

Finally, with Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City coming unstuck in Europe, we discuss the premier league’s fall from the top and in particular the problems at the Etihad and Emirates. The debate then turns to the importance of Champion’s league qualification against a domestic trophy success following Wenger’s comments at Arsenal’s AGM. The Show concludes with a preview of the night’s Europa league matches involving Spurs, Liverpool and Newcastle.