The Big Picture – US Election Special

7th November 2012

This week the Big Picture focused on the US Presidential Election, with the contest to decide the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth making for some of the feistiest debating that we’ve seen on the panel this year.

The debate began by focusing on the incumbent, President Barack Obama, questioning his tactics during the election campaign and in particular his failure to match the big promises he made upon taking office, and whether all of this meant he had failed to communicate why he deserved a second term in the White House. Obama also came in for criticism for his failure to bring the war in Afghanistan to an end, although his operation to capture and kill Osama bin Laden was acknowledged as a success that would benefit him at the polls.

The next topic for discussion was the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, who has failed to continue the dominant display which he exhibited in the first Presidential Debate throughout the entire campaign. The panel were particularly disappointed by his gaffe-prone nature, and also put Romney’s much-lauded economic policy promises under the spotlight.

Finally, the panel speculated as to the path that the next four years would take, for America and the world, under either Obama or Romney, and gave their verdict as to who they believed would win come the end of election night. Both Obama and Romney were praised for what they symbolised, but castigated when it came to practical policy matters.

Thanks to everyone who listened and texted in.