The Police and Crime Commissioner Elections: do you care?

14th November 2012

Tomorrow all UK students are eligible to vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections. Will you be voting tomorrow? Do you care about the election?

The Police and Crime Commissioner, otherwise known as PCC, will replace police authorities currently in charge of 41 forces in England and Wales. The PCC of Nottinghamshire will be responsible for setting priorities for the police force, hiring the chief constable and managing a £190 million a year budget. The work that they do in Nottinghamshire will affect around one million inhabitants across an area of 800 square miles.

In Nottinghamshire, there are four candidates running for the position:

Dr Raj Chandran – Independent
Tony Roberts – Conservative
Malcolm Spencer – Independent
Paddy Tipping – Labour

Two of these candidates are politically affiliated, while the other two are running independently. We asked David Miliband whether he thought the police force should be politicised or not:

We discussed the possible effects that politicised candidates would have on voters and gauged the responses they each gave at Monday’s PCC Accountability Assembly:

As students it can be easy to be overlooked as a body of eligible vcters. We spoke to Sian Green, the students’ union’s accommodation and Community officer to see what the SU have been doing to promote the election:

We wanted to see whether students at the University of Nottingham will be voting tomorrow and if they care or not. Here is what you said:

The majority of students we asked seem apathetic to the vote. We gave Sian Green the opportunity to respond to what you said: