Malaysian Games, Zlatan, and Gerrard vs Scholes

17th November 2012

In this Thursday’s episode of the Sport Show the team were joined by Sarveen Kumaran, Sport Secretary of the UoN Malaysian Society and Director of the Malaysian Games. Sarveen spoke about what the annual Games were all about, the sports and cultural activities on offer, and how this year’s games (which took place last weekend) went. We also spoke about the general sport scene in Malaysia, where hockey and squash are extremely popular.

Next up, the team talked about the biggest thing to grace the London 02 since the Student Radio Awards… the ATP Masters. Novak Djokovic reigned supreme to take the trophy, but we were somewhat concerned by the lack of support from the crowd for Andy Murray. We then took a look at the England cricket team’s chances as their tour of India begins, and what hopes they have for resisting the power of the Indian spin bowlers.

We then dedicated a section of our show to the man, the phenomenon, the footballing deity that is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. His herculean performance on Wednesday night, putting England to the sword in one of the most dominant displays by a single player in the history of the entire game, could only be admired by the Sport Team. We also discussed the younger players that Roy Hodgson gave chances to play in the match.

Finally, we gave airtime to a debate that has been brewing in the guts of the Sport Team: who has been the better player across their entire career, Steven Gerrard or Paul Scholes? As this debate looks set to run and run, we’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Thanks to everyone who listened and texted in