Big Picture 22-11-12

22nd November 2012

In this week’s issue of The Big Picture, Louis Cotgrove welcomed Alexander Fitzgerald, Elliot Johnson, Seb Bench and Joesph Todd to discuss one of the week’s major breaking stories: the revelation that many of the UK’s biggest firms have exploited loopholes to pay little or no tax – in the case of Starbucks, none whatsoever. Although the evasion is legal, the panel were critical of the ethics of the practice given the state of public finances and the economy, and called for widespread reform of tax legislation.

In the next segment, the panel gave their take on the situation that has unfolded in Israel and Palestine in recent days. Though a ceasefire is now in effect, the consequences of the massive violence that Gaza and Israel unleashed upon one another will reverberate for years to come. The panel lamented that peace in the region appears to be as distant as ever.

Finally, the results of the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Elections were put under the microscope by the panel. In spite of the Labour Party’s candidate, Paddy Tipping, securing victory in the vote, the panel remained broadly sceptical to the value of the politicisation of policing. The also questioned how Tipping would manage to claim legitimacy should he take controversial actions, given the shockingly low turnout in the election.

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