Jack’s track of the week The Vinyls

25th November 2012

The Vinyls are a great unsigned band that have been floating around the internet for a good few years now (their first self titled E.P. being released back in 2010), so if you haven’t heard of them yet why not?

Perhaps it’s due to the band name, a google search for The Vinyls does little to find them and can lead to a whole host of other music. Persevere though and you’re in for a treat. As a Brighton based band they’re among a back drop of an all new music revival from bands such as Blood Red Shoes and British Sea Power, but have not adopted a similar sound.

Instead they harness catchy jangly guitar riffs that appear happily inspired by Johnny Marr and wrap up the cheery pop in lyrics that seem exhausted by modern thinking today, for example: “think you’re made of stone? but you’re just desperately alone”. Though ever since The Smiths it’s not uncommon to contrast a sunny riff with lyrics that provide a darker shadow, you have to wonder… if it’s not broke why fix it?

If you want to check them out (and I’d recommend you do) go to www.thevinyls.net where you can hear their tracks and their new album Catch! which just came out this year.

Tune into my show 12-2 Monday 26th November to hear two of their tracks. A definite listen for fans of Franz Ferdinand and The Rakes.

My favourite track: Get It Out Of Your Head

The Vinyls