Stu & James’ Christmas Gift Guide

29th November 2012

This week, I’ve found a new profession for James, who needs Grad Schemes, Banks and Lawyers – James’ true calling in life is a Personal Shopper! Throughout the show we’ll be finding the very best gifts for those tricky relations

Here are James’ top tips for Christmas Gifts.

WARNING: James is from Surrey, please be aware of this when you read his Christmas gift suggestions!

For Mum

James says: “Mum’s nowadays try and get up on the technology, they might have an iPhone or a laptop now, but they’ve still got the huge hi-fi they’ve had from when they younger…they’re never gonna change it. This turns that stereo system into something that can play from your phone or laptop wirelessly, so Mum can keep her retro stereo.”
Check out the Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver

James says: “Your mum’s spent all Christmas cleaning up after everybody, she needs some time to kick back and relax, and these glasses make wine taste better… apparently.”
Check out the Riedel Vinum Wine Glasses

For Dad

James says: “Dad doesn’t care about The Avengers and he’s lying when he says he likes Batman. People frolicking about in spandex was soooo mid-2012, time to put on some real man films, and who’s the King of manly-man-ness, Quentin Tarantino. His eight film collection spans his complete career all updated in glorious HD.”
Check out the Quentin Tarantino Collection

James says: “Dad wants to drown at the drone of the kids (and the wife!), get his a set of cans with a bucket load of style. If the P5’s are a little pricey, the P3’s are just as good and even more portable”
Check out the Bowers Wilkins Headphones

For the Siblings

James says: “All girls love dogs (Right?), so why not get them a dog that never pees on the floor, on a system that’s getting cheaper by the minute. Ninendo’s 3DS comes in a variety of colours to suit your sisters age/style and keep her entertained until she gets a boyfriend”
Check out the Nintendogs Nintendo 3DS Bundle

James says: “If you’re a boy, anything you buy your brother should be something you want yourself (so then at least you can borrow/steal it). These Paul Smith Brass Cufflinks will make any scruffy student look like an eligible bachelor”
Check out these Paul Smith Cufflinks

And, for the intellect who has everything here are the magnetic balls that James was suggested for Arthur’s Brother: Bucky Balls

For your Mates

James says: “Why get your mates something straight from the factory, when you give it the personal touch and design it first? Yes, you can draw ANYTHING (and I mean anything *wink*), not only that it gives your gadget a little added protection as well…remember, a good friend makes sure another stays safe.”
Check out these custom iPhone cases

James says: “It’s that dog that you’ve all been hearing about – Is it cute? Is it just scary? Now you can get the doll version and any girl will love it. P.S. It’s not a voodoo doll (I think)”
Check out the Boo Dolls