What’s New? 2/12/12

2nd December 2012

Don’t Save Me With Your Karmageddon Feet…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and the new music scene has begun to quieten down. Those in the competition for Christmas Number 1 have started to ensure their song has been shoved in your face, down your throat and in your ears. Anyone else in music is focused on “New year, new releases”. As if THAT would stop URN’s music team! We’ve pulled together and found some amazing new tracks you’re bound to love.

Haim – Don’t Save Me
The Haim sisters suddenly appeared on the new music scene and have grabbed everyone’s attention. LA born Este, Danielle and Alana Haim have just released their EP “Forever”, describing their music as “nu-folk–meets–nineties-R&B”, (don’t be alarmed, it’s nothing like TLC vs Mumford!). These girls have a unique sound that sets them aside from anyone else. They’ll be supporting Florence + The Machine on their UK and Ireland tour starting this month, they’re definitely ones to watch!


Dot Rotten – Karmageddon
Dot Rotten is not your average rapper/songwriter/producer from East London. Don’t believe us? What if we told you he has a passion for feng shui!? As a young artist he grabbed any opportunity he could get to have his music heard and it has obviously paid off. This great track will be released 3rd December and is from his new album “Voices in my Head”. It certainly contains a little bit of everything; hip hop mixed with dubstep with some guitars thrown in there as well. Cross-genre seems to be the done thing at the moment, a perfect example of how to do it properly.


The Other Tribe – Sing With Your Feet
This is the second time The Other Tribe have graced our playlist, and we welcome them back with open arms. James Hill, vocals, Miles Metric, bass, percussion, vocals, Ollie White, drums, Alex Oldroyd, guitar, samples, keys, vocals, Max Cleary, keys, vocals and Charlie Brown, percussion, will have you singing with your feet in no time. (BGT, here we come!)
If you’re like us, and can’t get enough of this band, get your neon face paint ready… They’re playing at THE BODEGA, MONDAY 10TH DEC. What? You can’t make it?!? Fear not. Our very own Sam Robinson (Friday’s Remote Control, 12pm) has it covered and will be chatting with these Bristolian boys. WATCH THIS SPACE.

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