The Road to Rio: A Sport Show Special

6th December 2012

Throughout the course of this term the URN Sport Team have been following the progress of four of the University of Nottingham’s most elite athletes, as they train and work in the hope of making it to the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Isobel Pooley, high jumper and biomedical sciences student, Kike Onwinde, javelin thrower and economics student, Thomas Green, club thrower and maths student, and Sam van de Schootbrugge, 200m butterfly swimmer and economics student, were all kind enough to speak to us about their reasons for pursuing the Olympic dream, and the demands that their sporting commitments place on them.

We began by asking the athletes how they had first become involved in their respective sports, and what had inspired them to pursue their disciplines to the highest level.

Next, the athletes explained what their training regimes consist of, and the discipline and commitment that this requires of them. In particular, they talked through how they approach the challenge of balancing elite training with everyday student life; both social and academic.

Training and competition impose considerable financial demands on all athletes, and being both an elite sportsperson and a student only serves to compound the problem. The athletes talked us through how they balance the books, and the financial help that is available to aspiring young sportspeople.

Finally, the athletes discussed their aims for the future, and divulged their plans for how they intend to make it into the Team GB squad for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016.

The Sport Team wishes Kike, Isobel, Thomas and Sam all the best of luck in their future competition. We all hope to see you in Rio in 2016!