Charities, The Falklands, and Media Morality

13th December 2012

In this week’s issue of the Big Picture, Louis Cotgrove welcomed Seb Bench, Michael Gaffney, Elliot Johnson, Alex Fitzgerald, Jonny Jenkin and Kieran Cooper to discuss the week’s major current affairs developments. They began by discussing the Government’s policy toward charities off the back of news that donations to charitable donations have plummeted during the recession, and that many charities face bankruptcy in 2013. The panel questioned how Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ could expect charities to take much of the social care workload from the state under such conditions, but also acknowledged that in the current economic climate, belts have to be tightened.

Next up, we listened to an interview which Alex Fitzgerald conducted with Commonwealth Youth Parliament Delegate, University of Nottingham Alumnus, and Falkland Island native Krysteen Ormond. After hearing Krysteen’s views, the panel discussed the issue of Falkland sovereignty in the context of the belligerent Kirchner administration in Argentina, Britain’s austere circumstances, and the potential natural resources present in Falkland Island territory.

In the wake of a prank call by a controversial Australian TV station which culminated in the tragic suicide of a British nurse, the panel next discussed the repsonsibilities and role of the media in society. The panel were at odds over whether the Leveson Report on media standards would deliver any meaningful change, and so too did they disagree as to whether persons in the public eye should have their privacy protected.

Finally, the panel rounded of 2012 with their political highlights of the year. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who listened and texted in, and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.