Send Ben to Space!

24th January 2013

Here at The Science Show we have been planning a show on how to become an astronaut for some time. We’ve even found someone who went through the European Space Agency’s training program as a guest. But that is for another time.

So why that preamble? Well, its been a childhood dream of many on the team to become one of these fabled spacemen. But that’s all it was. A pipedream.

But not for our Ben Henderson.

Ben realises he has left the iron on.

By sheer fluke or otherwise a certain deodorant company are giving people the chance to take to the heavens. Ben has entered himself and has a realistic chance of making it!

To get past the first national round, he needs to be in the top 200 for votes received (of which he is tantalisingly close). So all you need to do is visit this website and click VOTE.

(The site doesn’t work on campus, our elite hacking unit are working on this.)

If that doesn’t convince you enough, our love for ridiculous film trailers and making videos kicked into overdrive and we have made this.


Spread the word.