Jack’s band of the week- Foxygen

10th February 2013

Foxygen, with a name like a sexy new chemical element the band provide a formula that’s equally fresh, but with a backbone that has been drawn up from roots of 60s psychedelia.

The duo of Jonathon Rado and Sam France have been performing and writing together since 2005, and are even on their second album after being discovered and produced by the legendary Richard Swift for their first album, 2011’s “Take the kids of Broadway”.

But let’s talk music, the duo like MGMT provide a kind of trip within every song, just as you think you’ve decided the idea of the song, or understood an obscure lyric about seeing someone’s daughters wearing Rhino shaped earrings the whole music cuts a corner. A time change here, a new instrument comes in and the song seems to reflect on itself, before jumping back into the verse you thought you were once familiar with.

The new album “We are the 21st Century ambassadors of Peace and Magic” though not catchy, does reflect the bands ethos. Take single “Shuggie” for example, the story of heartbreak, with repeated mentions of “you don’t love me that’s news to me” somehow sounds upbeat when put over panpipes, the chorus even offering an inspirational message to believe in yourself to free your soul. It even manages to fit in a funk instrumental break down before skipping off into a giddy outro.

Lyrics wise a lot of the songs seem to reflect a loss in Love, with newest single “San Fransico”‘s chorus repeating “I left my Love in San Fransico” though through the bands intricate layering of pianos and guitars you feel somewhat numbed to all lyrics broken relationships.

A must for fans of MGMT, T-rex, Mystery Jets
Check out singles “San Fransico” and “Shuggie”Foxygen (source: Lastfm.com)