On Students & Spiders

11th February 2013

On Students & Spiders

Spiders. Just uttering that word around some people can send shivers up the spine and electrical signals to muscles in their legs, catapulting them out the room. Our guest today, Dr. Sara Goodacre from the School of Biology, deals with spiders on a daily basis and has found that spiders are more than just creepy crawlies we tell ourselves aren’t in the walls…

Female Tarantula showing defensive hair loss...Dr Goodacre is an evolutionary biologist, looking at spiders in particular detail, working in Nottingham’s ‘SpiderLab’. For example, their choice to let the wind disperse them around the environment is of interest, as is the odd fact that some species of spider have many more females than males – something never seen in Physics.

On today’s show, we talk you through the life of spiders and bust those spider myths you’ve grown up with. From the smallest (~millimetres) and to the largest (~12 inches), we have all your spider needs covered!

How many spiders are in your warm and comfy Unipol-accredited house? Find out Monday 11th February, 6-7pm only on URN…

Sara & The Team