Student Stories: My Anorexia

13th February 2013

Student Stories: My Anorexia

We’re in the middle of eating disorder awareness week. All across the UK and The University of Nottingham campus there are events going on to raise awareness of just how prominent eating disorders are.

Eating Disorders affect 1.6 million people living in the UK and only one charity provides services for them. B-eat stands for beating eating disorders and they run a 24 hour helpline, online forums and invaluable self help groups for anyone affected. They aim to challenge the taboos of eating disorders and get people talking about the illness.

Two students here at the university of Nottingham who have both suffered from eating disorders spoke to us about their experiences. Jessica Moore has had anorexia for 7 years and Mel daggett has been suffering with anorexia which transformed into bulimia for 4 years.

Through their years here at university they have had to cope with deadlines, love lives and friendship dramas. All while having an eating disorder. They spoke to us honestly about juggling an illness that consumes their identity and trying to enjoy the university experience.

Now that they are recovering from from their illnesses they are are on a mission to raise money for the worthwhile charity B-eat and they’re doing it in a unique way. Jess is doing a skydive with her sister who has been just as affected by jess’ illness. If you want to sponsor Jess and her sister the website to do so is . All the money goes towards helping B-eat run their help groups like the one here at the University of Nottingham.

They sat down with us to tell us all about their eating disorders and during our conversation tried to pinpoint a root cause of their anorexia, how they coped with an eating disorder at university and how finding their friendship has helped their recovery.

During the airing of the show we received many texts of people inspired by Jess and Mel’s bravery to share their story.

Riveting listening on @urn1350- Student stories:my anorexia. Hopefully this will inspire more students to talk about eating disorders.

Body images issues like anorexia and bulimia are clearly such a complex and difficult thing, thanks for sharing your stories girls! It has been really insightful and I think everyone should have a better understanding of things like this!

To say I’m enjoying ‘My Anorexia’ is the wrong phrase but I really appreciate the courage and honesty of Jess and Mel! -Lola

Thank you to the pulse for providing incredible insights into a struggle faced by many students- everybody should hear these stories -Patrick.

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Look out for more student stories in URN telling the realities of your fellow students. Here is Jess and Mel telling their story:

If you or anyone you know is coping with an eating disorder B-eat have lots of helpful advice on their website
Or contact the university’s counselling service, which Jess and Mel have said helped many sufferers, on 0115 951 3695.


Extra information on anorexia may also be found at Counselling Directory.