Students’ Union Elections Candidates Revealed

13th February 2013

The 2013 Students’ Union elections kick off today, with 45 candidates (up from 37 last year) in the running for the various full-time positions, paid to represent your views.

Here is the list of candidates in the running.


  • Anil Parmar (Students’ Union Finance & Services Officer)
  • Ellie McWilliam (Week One Exec)
  • Gurneet Singh (Ex-NUS Delgate)
  • Johnny Lawrence (Week One Rep)
  • Luke Mitchell (Students’ Union Democracy & Communications Officer)
  • Shehroze Khan (NUS Delegate)
  • The Dark Knight (Batman)
  • Tom van Wesseldine (NUFC)
  • Will Clempner (Karni Exec)

Education Officer

  • Dasha Karzunina (Ex-Faculty Coordinator)
  • Fady Atia
  • Jack Law
  • James Ince (7Legged Exec)
  • Niralini Thayaparan
  • Tien Dung Nguyen (DofE society)
  • Tyler O’Sullivan (School Education Rep)

Activities Officer

  • Anoushka Nayee
  • Ben Malone (Head of Music at URN)
  • Emma-Louise Amanshia (New Theatre Exec)
  • Ryan Holmes (President of Politics Soc)
  • Will Knapp (Karni Exec)

Sports Officer (previously Athletic Union Officer)

  • Jamie Sims (Rugby President)
  • Tom Hicks (IMS Tennis)

Equal Opportunities & Welfare Officer

  • Fiona Kelly (NUS Delegate)
  • Joe Sheedy
  • Lucy Wake (LGBT Network)
  • Mike Dore (Students’ Union Equal Opportunities & Welfare Officer)
  • Yewande Akeju

Community Officer (previously Accommodation and Community Officer)

  • Abz Tayeb
  • Dave ‘DMC’ Cordell (NUS Delegate)
  • Jacques Domican-Bird (President of Working in Tandem)
  • ‘Mike’ Abiodun Olatokun
  • Adam Richard Francis-Xavier Jasko

Postgraduate Officer

  • Laura Theobald (Students’ Union Postgraduate Officer)

This is the first year that current Executive Officers can run for a second term, and three current officers have decided to rerun, as well as Postgraduate Officer, Laura Theobald. The number of positions has been reduced as the Finance & Services Officer and the Democracy & Communication Officer positions have been removed.

The election for Environment & Social Justice Officer, a part-time position, will not be voted on until the summer term.

Campaigning begins on March 1st, with voting opening the 8th and the results to be announced on Friday, 15th March.

We’ll be talking about the positions, the candidates and the impact of the various changes to this years elections on The Pulse today from 5pm.