What’s New? – Green Gardens and Gold Buggs

19th February 2013

What’s New? – Green Gardens and Gold Buggs

What’s wrong?! Can’t get over all the Varsity amazing-ness? Which, for the record, has been TRULY amazing! *Joins in shouting “UNAAAAY”* …
Lucky for you, the music team has come to the rescue. It’s okay, we’ll calm you lot down. We’ve taken quite a chilled approach this week, to provide you with the latest music that has graced our ears. So sit back, relax, and hear what we’ve found just for you.

Laura Mvula – Green Garden
Where has this girl come from? A year ago Laura Mvula (that’s Mmm-voola, thank you Google) was unheard of and working as a receptionist. Ten months later and the love for her soulful vocals has spread like wild fire. Her debut album is due for release in March, combining gospel-like vocals and promises as many instruments as humanly possible; strings, horns, bass, harp, timpani, tubular bells. You name, she’ll have it! Laura Mvula is like no other and is going straight to the top of our “One To Watch” list.

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5akYnlwubDo]

Bondax – Gold
How would we describe Bondax’s? Guess it’s kind of a chilled-house-garagesque sound. No, we didn’t just make that up… Gosh. Bondax, a duo from Lancaster, have created the perfect balance between melodic and electronic. Considering they’re still in their teens; Adam Kaye and George Townsend are certainly talented and certainly putting their name on the music map. See for yourself …

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF_caNY4RM8]

Jake Bugg – Seen It All
Nottingham’s very own Jake Bugg is back! He has had a fantastic year and is startin 2013 with the release of his newest single “Seen It All”. He seems to go from strength to strength; NME nominations, a Brit nomination and a Number 1 Platinum selling album. Not too shabby for an 18 year old. He’s currently on a UK tour and has plans to headline at various festivals this summer, this boy just never stops!

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2DOYbZUMS8]
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