Big Picture 20th February 2013

20th February 2013

Today saw the debut of Sebastian Bench as presenter, in front of a rather partisan panel for the normally demure and composed Big Picture show. The first topic of debate dealt with the fallout from the Nottingham University Conservative Association’s (NUCA) controversially advertised debate on whether provocatively dressed women are more likely to suffer sexual assault.

Joining us on the panel for the debate was the treasurer of NUCA, Jenny, assisted by NUCA member and regular panellist Elliot. On the other side of the political spectrum, David, Big Picture Supremo and Louis, producing tonight’s show, argued their cases for the Women’s Network.

After a lengthy opening debate, the topic changed to the impending elections in Kenya, where David and Alex, enlightened us on the rather sticky situation a the moment in the important East African country, especially regarding the current ICC investigation into the supposed frontrunner, Kenyatta.

Following this discussion, the panel was broadened out to include Rob, an “open-minded conservative” in his own words [“oxymoron!” coughs Louis] and saw the return of Louis and Elliot as they sparred over the suggestion of the 10p tax rate by Labour leader Ed Miliband in the form of a mansion tax on all properties worth over £2m.

All in all a very enjoyable show, thanks to all who texted in and well done to Seb on his debut!

Listen again here:
URN Big Picture 20th February 2013 – NUCA Port & Policy Row, Kenyan Elections, and 10p/Mansion Tax