Backlit Gallery, and Episodes 2013

22nd February 2013

The Connect 10 competition is a nation-wide competition set up by Culture24, and aims to bring local artists back to their roots, with their work being exhibited in local galleries. Backlit Gallery in Nottingham is one of these lucky local galleries nominated to bring back Mat Collishaw, who was born in Nottingham, and attended Trent University. He is part of the Young British Artists group—a group of artists including Tracy Emin and Damien Hurst. To vote for Backlit Gallery to be able to show Mat Collishaw’s art, listen to our chat with Matthew Chesney, founder and director of the gallery, and check out Backlit Gallery’s website.

Courtesy of Backlit Gallery

Episode 2013 is organised by the Nottingham-based Dance4 Company who promote local youth dance groups. The event will take place on Saturday, 23rd February, at the Nottingham Playhouse. The competition sees 12 local dance groups battling it out to move through to the Midlands Youth Dance Festival on 20th April. If selected, the youth dance groups will be given the chance to perform at the national U.Dance final in Leeds from 18th-21st July.
The Culture Show spoke to Stuart Allen, the assistant-producer for Episodes, earlier in the week.

Courtesy of Dance4 and Episode 2013