Jack’s band of the week- San Cisco

24th February 2013

If you like your music as sickly sweet as a pug covered in caramal, rolled in sugar and laid in front of a fire to toast, then San Cisco are for you.
The Australian four-piece are yet to release a debut album but have released a stream of singles, the latest of which being “Wild things”.

The story of learning not to trust the Wild things is told to you by lead singer Jordi Davieson, a voice not dissimilar from Ezra Koenig’s of Vampire Weekend. The verse provides a sparse slow strummed guitar to the slightly sinister lyrics of “The Wild things will chase you down, they’ll steal your thrown and break your crown”, clearly based on the book by Maurice Sandeck. But during the chorus the metaphorical sun comes out, as Scarlett Stevens helps to providing co-vocals on these parts, accompanying a twee few chimes of a xylophone.

If you were thinking it’s got too sickly sweet, then be prepared for an extra spoonful of sugar to make you wince, as whistling comes into the frame before the second chorus. But if you’re worried the band simply provide empty calories you’d be wrong, as the song is held together with a bouncy bassline, and various layers of synth play. It’s catchy but worthy of repeat listens.
For fans of: Vampire Weekend, Two door Cinema club, Darwin Deez
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San Cisco (image courtesy of pastarunmusic.com)