Chinese UAVs, Moodys Downgrading the UK and Plagiarism

5th March 2013

The Big Picture was presented this week by resident left-wing europhile, Louis Cotgrove. The first topic up for discussion was the recent report that China has developed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones. The topic discussed the impact that this would have on the world political stage, specifically in regard to Sino-American relations.

The next topic debated was the decision taken by credit ratings agency Moodys to downgrade the UK from Aaa to Aa1 and what effect this would have on the economy of the UK. The panel quickly descended into partisanship, debating whether the government had under-performed in their promises to help the ailing economy

The final issue on tonight’s show was the scandal in Germany regarding the decision taken by Annette Schavan, the education minister, to step down after plagiarising her doctorate. Seven other ministers have also been found out to have plagiarised their doctorates and the panel discussed the impact this would have on Merkel’s campaign in September to retain the Chancellorship

Tune in next week for our SU election special!