SU Elections Special

6th March 2013

In this week’s issue of the Big Picture, Michael Gaffney was joined by David Hayes, Jonnie Jenkin, Joseph Todd, Luc Chignell, Seb Bench and Louis Cotgrove for three debates focused on the issues behind the ongoing SU Election race.

To kick off proceedings, David, Joseph, Luc and Louis discussed the issue of candidate manifestoes. Are they really of any importance in an election seemingly determined by Haribo giveaways? Of what use are they to hold candidates to account, if and when they get elected? And have candidates in general been guilty of expoliting the naïveté of students (and freshers in particular) by making undeliverable promises?

Next up, Jonnie, Seb, Louis and David got stuck into the debate surrounding the changes to the rules governing SU Elections. New changes mean that societies and AU sports clubs can now openly support candidates – is this fair or not? Is it simply a reflection of the reality on the ground, and what has been going on behind the scenes anyway? They also debated the merits of new, stringent changes to campaign finance rules, and whether they would succeed in levelling the playing field amongst candidates.

In the final section, Joseph, David, Luc and Seb got to grips with arguably the biggest change in this year’s election – the fact that existing SU Exec officers can now re-run for a second term in office. Do re-running exec officers have an advantage over their fellow candidates? And can we expect them to fulfill their role as Exec officers to the fullness of their abilities whilst simultaneously running an election campaign?

The one thing we did not discuss, in the interests of fairness and neutrality, was the candidates themselves. Tune in to URN all next week from 6-7pm for our SU Election Specials, when you’ll get the opportunity to hear from all the candidates themselves, as they are put under the magnifying glass and grilled by our crack Elections Team.

Thanks to all who listened and texted in. The Big Picture returns March 20th after SU Elections coverage is over.