Jack’s band of the week- Youth Lagoon

10th March 2013

Youth Lagoon’s second album ‘Wondrous Bughouse’ is having it’s UK release next week (18th March). The first album ‘The year of hibernation’ did as it said on the title, it was a caccoon for you to crawl into the mind of Trevor Powers, the lone performer/songwriter of Youth Lagoon. It’s very much calming thoughts about Powers’ times away at Univeristy, mentioning campus a few times, and seemingly growing into himself as a man and performer.
A year on Trevor Powers has burst forth from his caccoon clutching a brand new album and a lighter more upbeat heart. Disorientating synths guide you through his metamorphisis, it’s not a far step-away from previous album but a progression non the less.
The songs appear at a faster pace, take standout track ‘dropla’ for instance, though starting with drip-drop synths like rain on a new morning, he flows through his lyrics at a pace much faster then the sparser first album. On the note of upbeat Powers’ seems to want to take the focus away from himself more with the lyrics and turn the light on the listener. Inspiration is provided with repeated words of “you’ll never die”, perhaps sounding cliche in any other setting then the world cleverly crafted by his various intricate flowing rhythms.
‘Wondrous Bughouse’ is a world of chirpy insects, a warm place to go after the calming tones of his previous record. It’s revision music, a soothing dose of real perspective and meaning when you’re heads covered in books. The next record he may have to step away from his greenhouse of bugs, but until then it’s fine to warm yourself with this summery album.
Listen to: Dropla
For fans of: Metronomy, Passion Pit, Purity Ring
Youth Lagoon (image from blogs.laweekly.com)