Dance Dance Dance

11th March 2013

On last Sunday’s show, we aired our Dance Special, focusing on events from Nottdance 2013, and NUDance. Both of these organisations are focused on getting either members of the public or University of Nottingham students involved in many different forms and genres of dance.

Nottdance 2013 is a dance festival which has been running in Nottingham for 23 years. The festival happens every year, and this year it is running from 7-17th March. Many different venues in Nottingham are hosting the festival, from The Playhouse, to The Lakeside on campus, so it is very easy to get tickets to the different events. Their tag line is ‘Are You Dancing?’, and earlier in the week the Culture Show spoke to Claire Hicks, who is a producer for Nottdance 2013. Click the link below to hear what Claire has to say about the festival this year, and how Nottdance has changed over the past 23 years.

Courtesy of NottDance 2013

The dance festival does not simply contain dance shows. There are a wide variety of events happening, from air guitar evenings, to interactive shows. We spoke to Robert Clark who has created, and is leading, a choreographed bar crawl around the pubs and clubs of Nottingham. Described as a portrait of Robert’s family and of Nottingham, the event promises to be an exciting venture into Nottingham on a Saturday night.

NUDance, the dance society at the University, are putting on their annual show to showcase all their hard work over the last year. The Dance Show runs from 14th-16th March, with the theme being ‘Imagine’. The Culture Show caught up with the society last week to see how rehearsals are going.

Courtesy of NUDance