Hooded Fang- band of the week

23rd April 2013

Toronto based indie rock connoisseurs Hooded fang may well have been operating since 2007, though a big deal in their home country of Canada, and with the upcoming release of their 2nd UK album ( 27th May) in as many years why haven’t they conquered our shores?

Their first album self-titled album (not physically released here) was a calming breeze, songs such as “highway steam” and “promised land” making use of brass, keyboards to cover light hearted songs of getting lost in cities in the summer or running from mutant bears. It was the summer holidays on a disc.

Last years’ Tosta Mista was the ultimate break-up album of lead singer Daniel Lee, why? Because it was the most upbeat soundtrack to a heartbreak I’ve ever heard. Take key singles “Clap” and “Vacationion” with their nonsensical “ba ba bas” and surf style guitar, you’ll have been mistaken to think the beach boys have been renting a garage next to Hooded Fang. Songs rarely lasted longer then 2 and a half minutes, but why do they need to when you already new the lyrics by half way? Despite losing fallow lead vocalist Lorna Wright and their horn section, the band used this to their advantage to strip back their sound to a much more Indie-Garage sheik that they managed to polish up perfectly on the album

So what does latest single “Graves” say for Hooded Fangs 3rd album? Well it’s the albums title and first single so it really is a way of selling the general sound of the album. First of all “Graves” needs playing loud (seriously turn it up) from the moment the first thudding bass kicks in leading the fuzz drenched guitar and thrashy symbols it’s a rollercoaster ride for your eardrums. Hooded Fang have honed in on their garage-indie niche they’d started whittling away on “Tosta Mista” and come out teeth bared for their latest single, it’s got aggressive guitars but Daniel Lee’s calm vocals provide a contrast that’s better than the normal shouting you’d expect with this music. The song seems to be about recovering from a heavy night with the chorus “So many faces and they’re all the same” followed by backing vocals shouted “so why you looking at me” reflecting just being sick of everyone and wanting to be left to alone. Before you think HF are all angst, a breakdown comes in complete with scat “Ba ba bas” for you to sing your teeth into, the hallmark of a classic fanged song.

2013 the Summer of the Hooded Fang in the UK
Tune into my show 2-5 this Friday to hear the new song ‘Graves’
Hooded Fang (image from the-fly.co.uk)