NFL Draft 2013

27th April 2013

This weekend saw one of the biggest events on the sporting calendar, the annual NFL Draft, take place in New York. To mark this momentous event in the girdiron calendar, the Sport Show’s two American football gurus, Sachin and Luke, joined Gaffers to give a rundown of what the Draft is all about, and the big signings to look out for.

The boys began with a brief rundown of how the purpose of the Draft, the reasons why the NFL regulates youth player recruitment in this way, and how the actual Draft-day events take place.

Sachin and Luke then ran through the recent history of the Draft, explaining which players would be in most demand, and how the Draft could normally be expected to unfold.

However, this year has proven exceptional, with an unusual focus from all the teams on power and devensive players over their more skilled counterparts. The guys explained why this was the case this season, and how this had repurcussions for the coveted early picks of the Draft’s first round.

Looking down to the 2nd and 3rd rounds, there were many players picked later who would have been expected to be snapped up sooner given their high-profile media status, in particular Notre Dame’s infamous linebacker Manti Te’o. Luke and Sachin explained why this was often the case, and named their star picks from the later stages of the draft.

It’s testament to the growing international profile of American football that this year’s draft saw unprecendented numbers of non-Americans picked up, not least young Brit Menelik Watson. Sach and Luke offered their take on the foreigners to look out for in the game over the next few years, and praised the efforts of the sport to expand overseas in recent years.

Looking to the latter stages of the Draft, the guys also emphasised that draft positioning can be deceptive, as many early-picked players have failed to make an impact on the game at the highest level, whilst others left until the very end have gone on to have massive NFL careers. Luke and Sach picked out a few players from the later picks who they believed had the potential to overcome their lower Draft placing.

Finally, the boys gave their assessment on the overall repurcussions of this year’s draft, and which teams would come out the strongest from their acquisitions. One thing’s for sure: as always, the NFL is set to entertain us for another year!