What’s New – The Naughty Sun is Facing West

5th May 2013

Let’s start with a formal apology for it being SO bloody long since the previous blog. We know your lives probably came to a stand still without your weekly dose of musical therapy, but it’s okay… WE’RE HERE FOR YOU NOW!
So summer may bring exams and dreaded deadlines BUT it also brings long evenings, lovely weather (most of the time) and amazing tunes. There are so many great tracks released in the run up to summer festivals – there is ALWAYS something for everyone.

Empire of the Sun – Alive
It’s been a few years but Empire of the Sun are back, doing what they do best; creating the perfect electro-pop track to give you that extra skip in your step. Now, don’t read the word electro-pop and run away. It’s okay, really. Luke ‘Emperor’ Steele and Nick ‘Lord’ Littlemore know what they’re doing; add a few synths, a bit of a bass, a dash of psychedelic clothing and wait for everyone to turn up the volume.
This is the first track from this eccentric duo’s second album, Ice On The Dune , released next month. If any of you lot are going to Wilderness festival (9th-11th August) this summer, you’re in for a real treat. Empire of the Sun are headlining and don’t do things by halves, expect larger than life productions, dancing swordfish girls and jaw-dropping visuals. What are you waiting for?! TURN IT UP!

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPKAwJKGSDc]

The Staves – Facing West
If you’re looking for a ridiculous talented trio of sisters, then look no further. The Staves keep their songs simple, but their close harmonies add so many layers – you just melt. Emily, Jessica and Camilla Staveley-Taylor released their most recent album Dead & Born & Grown last November, with each song as good as the last. You may be thinking, “Great, I’ll just throw them onto the pile of folky, banjo-loving hippies, along with Mumford & Sons”. Well you’d be totally wrong, no offence. Their album has a diverse range of songs and styles. We’d definitely recommend giving it a listen – the perfect antidote to a stressful afternoon. Watch this space, these Watford girls are ones to watch!

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFtAz6Xnn5U]

Naughty Boy – La La La (feat Sam Smith)
Fun fact: Naughty Boy kickstarted his record producing career by winning £44,000 on Deal or No Deal… And thank goodness for that! He’s been producing amazing songs with amazing artists, the lovely Sam Smith being one of them. His upcoming album Hotel Cabana will be released later this year, featuring the likes of Emeli Sandé, Professor Green and Tinie Tempah, and promises to be a corker! Hopefully we’ll be hearing MUCH more of Sam Smith. He’s the voice to Disclosure’s “Latch” and his silky vocals are just…. *sigh*. Can’t wait to see where the year takes them both.

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O1_3zBUKM8]
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