Heavy Metal Degree offered at Nottingham College in September

14th May 2013

It has recently been announced that New College Nottingham (NCN) is offering a foundation degree in heavy metal. Course convenor, Liam Maloy has set up the degree in response to demands from students. URN spoke to Liam Maloy and he explained what prospective students can expect to get from the degree.

With many students concerned with the debt they are going to rack up from university we asked Liam to inform us of the cost of the degree and what students can hope to receive for their money.

Students have expressed views about the degree and one said “the only people who may take it seriously are people signing heavy metal bands but the nature of music is that you don’t need a degree in it to be any better than someone busking on the street so it won’t really help them with employability in that respect.” Liam disagrees with this and explains what employability prospects he expects from future graduates.

NCN have not only received criticism from students but from the Campaign for Real Education who has deemed it a ‘waste of time’ and an ‘easy option’.

A further critique from students was that a degree in such a specific genre won’t ensure that those undertaking the course would receive a broad enough education. One student stated that “Heavy metal has existed since the 1960s at the earliest, so this course presumably covers about 50 years of music history. That’s about what one module covers in a proper music degree.” Liam refutes this and maintains that heavy metal is a genre in its own right that can be spread across two years of study and provide students with a worthwhile education.

Many heavy metal fans were concerned that this degree would only serve to create generic sounding bands. Liam ensured that this was far from the intentions of those teaching the degree and that they would encourage individualism.

Regardless of what you think of the degree it certainly does sound interesting and is pushing the boundaries of conventional degree courses. Hopefully it will be a success and we’ll all be queuing up to see heavy metal bands fresh out of their degree with NCN at Rock City or other venues in Nottingham.