‘Rate Your Shag’- do you rate it or slate it?

27th May 2013

The new craze to hit FacebookThe latest facebook phenomenon to fuel students’ procrastination is the page, ‘University of Nottingham Rate Your Shag’. In just 7 hours it has reached 1,244 likes and has been gathering lots of attention.

The page encourages students to share and critique their sexual activities while naming and shaming their sexual partner. It asks ‘Nottingham do you have any embarrassing incidents in the bedroom to tell of? Any amazing ‘mistakes’ that rocked your world? Well here is your chance! Message in the name of the person, any comments on the deed and a rating out of 10 all in confidence ofc.’ Controversially, the page protects the anonymity of those who write the posts while publicly naming those who haven’t consented to it.

Opinions on the matter differ from those who think the page is abhorrent like Laura Seddon from the Women’s Network:

It says that the page should be taken ‘light-heartedly’ and therefore allows people to be crude, offensive and insensitive, whether they are telling the truth or shaming a friend for a joke-do we really need this on facebook? It seems to have now become a space for ridicule and demeaning comments instead of its initial ‘social’ purpose. Also, naming people in this way is also a form of bullying-it may cause stress, anxiety-even if it has been posted for a joke. It ultimately creates expectations for sexual performance and places self-worth in relation to this -thus forming insecurities for anyone who comes across it.

Others, like Alix, were concerned about the concept of the group but feel that as long as the users are obviously joking, it is just harmless fun:

When I saw the title I thought that looks awful, like a really embarrassing way to humiliate people and something that would make you particularly wary about who you have sex with, but then I clicked on the group and read the comments and it seems like most of them are just from people making up stories about their friends for comic effect on both sides, and some of them did make me laugh, purely because you could tell they were made up and filled with big cliches. However, if people treated the page seriously and posted genuine ‘ratings’ about people they had actually slept with, I would think it was disgusting.

Keaton Emery, who was named and shamed on the page, sees it as just some banter:

No I’m not bothered by it at all – it’s banter that’s been going on since first term so I’m pretty used to it. I don’t know who sent it in but I’m guessing one of my friends who gave me my unfortunate nickname ‘the shark’! I get the jaws theme tune sung to me sometimes in clubs and the joke goes that Oceana is my favourite ‘hunting ground’.

We spoke to the admin of the ‘Rate Your Shag’ page to see what responsibility they felt they had in policing the comments and deciding what is appropriate and what is offensive. They had this to say:

The only real criticism I have received is from people who find the whole concept offensive but saying that there is an option to hide this page from their feeds. If a television program isn’t to your taste or not your humour then you just don’t watch it. I am not forcing anyone to be part of this. The fact nearly 1000 people have liked this in under 5 hours says a lot about whether or not this is very widely accepted.

To hear all about this story including comments from listeners, listen to what The Pulse team had to say here:

We received these texts during the broadcast:

The page should not be deleted, freedom of expression etc but isn’t it just a sad reflection of society that this is the level of humour we now stoop to despite supposedly being adults?

I doubt a lot of them are based on true events, it just seems like a social form of bullying

I think this is horrible! It’s humiliating for people involved, and embarrassing for anyone who has spent their time looking through the page

Let us know what you think about the ‘Rate Your Shag’ page by commenting below. Is it part of the ever-increasing lad culture or should we all just relax and learn to laugh at ourselves?