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7th June 2013

Leaving your bin out could cost you money

Have you ever forgetten to take your bin in? Do you confuse how to recycle your house’s rubbish? When students watch every penny waste management can get serious if you’re trying to avoid being fined by the council for both of these things. We investigated the rules around waste and asked students why they’ve been fined.

This week Sarah Piper, a councillor for Lenton and Dunkirk, got in touch with URN to promote her student focus on waste management. She spoke to us about the problems students have with recycling and why this is a student issue:

So we asked the Community Officer at the students’ union, Sian Green, about how she has dealt with students receiving waste fines:

Val, a student here at the University of Nottingham, has a typical story of fines over bins and told us how she reduced her fine using Sian’s advice:

Throughout the show we got texts in with some people saying they had not experienced any problems:

I live in Beeston and a couple of times we have forgotten to pull it in for a few days and nothing has happened. – Sam

While others said they have had letters and fines including Jack whose house was charged £80 each for leaving the bin out over the Easter holiday and Sam who was given a letter of warning over mixing his recyclables.

Sian’s blog about the advice for waste mangement can be found here:

Comment below if you’ve had any experiences with bin fines.