Will you be quitting this Stoptober?

1st October 2013

Today, 1st October, marks the beginning of Stoptober. Which is a campaign run by the NHS throughout the month in an attempt to help people to stop smoking for 28 days. So far nearly 200,000 people have signed up to take part. The NHS will send encouraging texts and support people throughout the challenge. We spoke to celebrity Doctor Hilary Jones and he tells us about some specific advice for students hoping to stub out of their lives.

Dr Hilary Jones explains how Stoptober works at getting people to stay off cigarettes beyond just the month of October.

HealthExpress, the online health clinic, in partnership with Dr Hilary Jones has adopted a new method of shocking smokers in to quitting. Dr Hilary Jones explains in more detail.

Some listeners thought this latest method was going just to far. Dr Hilary Jones explains why these visual shocks work.

We asked how the campaign is going to be working and where you can expect to see these masks.

These themed months are becoming a common feature each year. We asked Dr Hilary Jones how we can ensure that the efforts made during October last on it to the future.