Does feminism need a rebrand?

8th October 2013

Women who consider themselves feminists are “man-hating” and “unhygienic” says the results from a study conducted by the University of Toronto. Today on the Pulse we discussed the topic of feminism and whether the term and what its associated with needed to be binned and that the whole movement needed to move on and rebrand. Should feminists therefore shave their legs, get a new haircut and create a new form of feminism that better fits in to modern society? We pose this question to Francesca Garforth, co-founder of the brand new UoN Feminist society.

The University of Nottingham has not managed to stay out of recent debates concerning modern day sexism. The first controversy was concerning the tweets from an un-official twitter page of Lincoln Hall which made inappropriate and clearly sexist remarks. The Tuesday Pulse team give their opinion on the matter.

Equally the University of Nottingham’s Feminist Society is setting up a petition to ban Robin Thicke’s infamous song ‘Blurred Lines’. We asked Francesca from the Feminist Society what she thought.

Glossy fashion magazine Elle released an article attempting to re-brand feminism preferring to refer to the word equalism so as not to lose way with feminist core beliefs. We brought this issue to Francesca and she told us what the word feminism means to her.

The Tuesday Pulse team give their view on whether the term Equalism would be a good alternative to feminism in response to a text sent in from one of our listeners.